USA Group Rates "group buying power" enables you to obtain National Account Status to substantially reduce merchant services! Additionally, it is with CardPointe, a division of industry leader Fiserv/First Data! Now you can deal directly with national account teams for better rates and service!

Monthly volumes from $2,000 to many MILLIONS will save money! In fact, if CardPointe can't beat your rates, USA Group Rates will freely provide with: (a) 1,000 highly targeted, real time sales leads; (b) 10,000 opted-in email data leads (c) promotion at NO COST in a Directory.

National Account Status
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The processing equipment is top of the line and is just as important as the lowest rates.
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CardPointe Platform

CardPointe Terminal

CardPointe Mobile

More Ways to Get Paid

The CardPointe platform covers all payment channels so you pay one low monthly fee, Your customers can make purchases in-store, over the phone or online via a traditional countertop terminal, tablet, mobile phone or computer.

Payment Methods

Whether you want to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, ACH, EBT, gift cards or NFC (Apple Pay), we have you covered.

Interchange Optimization

We aggressively manage interchange rates and have built our technology to automatically include Level 2 and Level 3 data with a transaction, meaning you qualify for the lowest rate possible every time.

Save Money

Businesses who switch save up to 40% on card processing fees, and our digital application makes it easy for you to take advantage of our services.

Align Yourself with the Pioneer of Payment Security

We are extremely proud to partner with CardConnect, a PCI-certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Protect your transactions with our industry-leading EMV and PCI-Certified security solutions.

Point-to-Point Encryption P2PE

CardPointe's PCI-validated P2PE protects cardholder data throughout the full lifecycle of a transaction


CardPointe's tokenization method replaces sensitive data with mathematically irreversible tokens, so important data will never reside on your system.

PCI-Certified Vault

CardPointe creates secure profile records for each customer (perfect for automated recurring billing!) and stores them in an ultra secure, offsite PCI-compliant environment.


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